A bowl of Goma Wakame Salad, featuring seaweed and chopsticks for a delicious and healthy meal. pinit

Warabimochi served on white plate with a cup of tea pinit

A bowl of Miso Ramen with noodles, broth, sliced pork, green onions, and a boiled egg. pinit

Fried shrimp in white dish with chopsticks, crispy Tempura Tendon. pinit

A bowl of Dashi, a Japanese broth, served with chopsticks and a wooden spoon. pinit

Japanese Mochi Daifuku with strawberry, served with tea. pinit

Two glasses of Matcha Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls. pinit

A creamy and refreshing Hokkaido Milk Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls, perfect for bubble tea enthusiasts. pinit

A refreshing glass of Okinawa Milk Bubble Tea with a blue straw, perfect for a delightful and colorful beverage. pinit

A bowl of Shio Ramen with a perfectly cooked hard boiled egg, served in a savory broth. pinit