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Experience the cozy and comforting flavors of Italy with the indulgent Bombardino cocktail. This delightful winter drink combines the richness of eggs, the sweetness of liqueurs, and the warmth of hot milk to create a truly satisfying beverage. Whether you’re snuggled up by the fireplace or looking for a festive drink to share with friends and family during the holiday season, the Bombardino is sure to hit the spot. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of making this Italian favorite, share tips and variations to suit your taste, and suggest serving ideas that will make your winter gatherings even more memorable.

The Bombardino, an Italian après-ski favorite, is a comforting and indulgent drink that warms the body and soul. Its origins can be traced back to the Italian Alps, where skiers and winter sports enthusiasts sought a way to relax and unwind after a day on the slopes.

The word “Bombardino” itself is derived from “bomba,” meaning “bomb” in Italian, which describes its powerful warming effect. This delightful concoction typically consists of equal parts of Advocaat (a Dutch creamy liqueur made from eggs, sugar, and brandy) and Italian brandy or grappa. The mixture is topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream, which not only adds a luxurious texture but also mimics the appearance of a snow-capped mountain.

As skiers and snowboarders gather in cozy alpine lodges, they savor the Bombardino to chase away the winter chill and create lasting memories. Its origins are firmly rooted in the mountainous regions of Italy, where it has become a beloved après-ski tradition.


The Bombardino is a popular Italian winter cocktail that is enjoyed during the colder months, especially around the holiday season. It is a rich and creamy drink that is typically served warm, making it perfect for chilly evenings. The key ingredients in a Bombardino include eggs, sugar, liqueurs (such as brandy or amaretto), and hot milk. This combination results in a luscious and indulgent beverage that warms both the body and the soul. The Bombardino is often topped with a dusting of cocoa powder or grated chocolate, adding an extra touch of decadence to the drink. Sip on this delightful Italian treat and let it transport you to the cozy cafes of Italy during winter.

Tools and Equipment

Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 10 mins Total Time 20 mins Difficulty: Beginner Servings: 4 Calories: 265.37 Best Season: Winter


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. In a saucepan, whisk together the eggs and sugar until well combined.

  2. Place the saucepan over low heat and gradually add the brandy or amaretto, whisking continuously.

  3. Continue whisking until the mixture becomes thick and frothy, resembling a custard consistency. This should take about 8-10 minutes.

  4. Slowly pour in the hot milk while whisking constantly to incorporate it into the mixture.

  5. Continue heating the mixture over low heat for another 2-3 minutes until it is hot but not boiling.

  6. Remove the saucepan from the heat.

  7. If desired, strain the Bombardino mixture through a fine-mesh strainer to remove any lumps or egg solids.

  8. Divide the warm Bombardino mixture among heatproof glasses or mugs.

  9. Garnish each glass with a dusting of grated chocolate or cocoa powder.

  10. Serve the Bombardino immediately and enjoy its comforting flavors.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4

Amount Per Serving
Calories 265.37kcal
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 8.67g14%
Saturated Fat 3.84g20%
Trans Fat 0.02g
Cholesterol 200.69mg67%
Sodium 117.95mg5%
Potassium 253.47mg8%
Total Carbohydrate 18.57g7%
Sugars 18.54g
Protein 10.29g21%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Please note that the nutritional values provided are approximate and may vary depending on the specific ingredients and portion sizes used. It's always best to double-check with your specific ingredients and measurements for accurate nutritional information.


Tips and Variations:
  • Experiment with different liqueurs to customize the flavor of your Bombardino. Traditional options include brandy and amaretto, but you can also try hazelnut liqueur or rum for a unique twist.
  • If you prefer a non-alcoholic version, you can substitute the liqueur with flavored syrups such as vanilla or almond.
  • For added richness, you can stir in a tablespoon of whipped cream or a dollop of vanilla ice cream before serving.
  • Sprinkle ground cinnamon or nutmeg on top of the Bombardino for an extra touch of warmth and spice.
  • If you're a fan of coffee, you can add a shot of espresso to the Bombardino mixture for a delicious caffeinated twist.
  • Serve the Bombardino alongside some Italian Christmas cookies or biscotti for a complete Italian-inspired treat.
  • Feel free to adjust the sweetness by adding more or less sugar according to your taste preferences.
Serving Suggestions:
  • Serve the Bombardino as a delightful after-dinner drink during holiday gatherings or cozy nights in.
  • Pair it with traditional Italian desserts like panettone or pandoro for a perfect combination of flavors.
  • Offer a dessert charcuterie board featuring biscotti, chocolate truffles, and dried fruits to complement the flavors of the Bombardino.
  • Serve the Bombardino in festive mugs or glasses, garnished with a cinnamon stick or a sprinkle of grated chocolate, for a beautiful presentation.
Allergen Information:

Here's some allergen information for the Bombardino:

  • Advocaat: Advocaat contains eggs, sugar, and brandy. If you have allergies to eggs or alcohol, you should avoid this ingredient.

  • Brandy or Grappa: Brandy and grappa are alcoholic spirits. While they don't typically contain allergens, they are alcoholic beverages and should be consumed responsibly.

  • Whipped Cream: Whipped cream is usually made from dairy. Individuals with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance should avoid it. However, non-dairy alternatives like coconut whipped cream can be used as a substitute.

Wine or Drink Pairing:

The Bombardino is a unique and indulgent beverage enjoyed in specific settings, and it may not typically be paired with other drinks. However, it can be served alongside some light snacks or desserts. Here are some pairing ideas:

  • Italian Pastries: Pair your Bombardino with traditional Italian pastries like cannoli, tiramisu, or panna cotta for a sweet and satisfying combination.

  • Chocolate: Chocolate pairs beautifully with the creamy richness of the Bombardino. Try it with a plate of chocolate truffles or dark chocolate squares.

Storage and Leftovers:

Since the Bombardino is usually made fresh and served immediately, there are no specific storage instructions for leftovers. It's a warm and comforting drink best enjoyed straight from the glass.

However, if you have any Advocaat or whipped cream left over, consider storing them as follows:

  • Advocaat: Store any leftover Advocaat in its original bottle or a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator. Use it within a reasonable timeframe according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Whipped Cream: If you have leftover whipped cream, store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Be aware that whipped cream may lose some of its texture over time, so it's best used promptly.

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