Exotic Tropical Smoothie Bowl


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Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with our Exotic Tropical Smoothie Bowl Delight! Bursting with vibrant flavors and nourishing ingredients, this vibrant smoothie bowl is not only a feast for your taste buds but also a visual treat. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing breakfast, a midday pick-me-up, or a post-workout treat, this recipe is a delightful way to infuse your day with a taste of the tropics.

The Exotic Tropical Smoothie Bowl is a delightful and nutritious breakfast option that brings the flavors of the tropics to your morning routine. While the exact origins of the smoothie bowl trend are difficult to pinpoint, it has gained immense popularity as a healthy and Instagram-worthy breakfast. The idea of a smoothie bowl is to create a thicker smoothie base and top it with various toppings like fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds. The exotic twist comes from the use of tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, and coconut, which transport you to a sunny beachside paradise.

Exotic Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Our Exotic Tropical Smoothie Bowl Delight is a celebration of nature's bounty, combining an array of tropical fruits and wholesome toppings. This colorful bowl is not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients, making it a perfect choice for those looking to start their day on a healthful note.

Tools and Equipment

Prep Time 10 mins Rest Time 5 mins Total Time 15 mins Difficulty: Beginner Servings: 2 Calories: 188.23 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


For the smoothie base:

For the toppings:

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. In a high-speed blender, combine the frozen bananas, mango chunks, pineapple chunks, coconut water (or almond milk), and chia seeds (if using).

  2. Blend on high until the mixture is smooth and creamy, adding more liquid if needed to reach your desired consistency.

  3. Pour the smoothie into two bowls.

  4. Arrange the sliced kiwi, sliced strawberries, fresh blueberries, and any other desired toppings on top of the smoothie base.

  5. In a small saucepan over medium heat, toast the coconut flakes until they turn golden and fragrant. Keep a close eye on them to prevent burning.

  6. Sprinkle the toasted coconut flakes, chopped nuts, and fresh mint leaves over the toppings.

  7. Allow the flavors to meld for a few minutes, and then dig in and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

Servings 2

Amount Per Serving
Calories 188.23kcal
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 0.75g2%
Saturated Fat 0.23g2%
Sodium 64.14mg3%
Potassium 744.46mg22%
Total Carbohydrate 46.63g16%
Dietary Fiber 5.46g22%
Sugars 31.12g
Protein 2.61g6%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Please note that the nutritional values provided are approximate and may vary depending on the specific ingredients and portion sizes used. It's always best to double-check with your specific ingredients and measurements for accurate nutritional information.


Tips and Variations:
  • Customize your smoothie bowl by adding other tropical fruits like papaya, passion fruit, or guava.
  • For an extra boost of protein, add a scoop of your favorite plant-based protein powder to the smoothie base.
  • Drizzle a bit of honey or maple syrup over the top for a touch of natural sweetness.
Serving Suggestions:
  • Enjoy your Exotic Tropical Smoothie Bowl as a satisfying breakfast, refreshing snack, or even a guilt-free dessert. Pair it with a sprinkle of granola for added crunch and texture.
Allergen Information:

This recipe is generally allergen-friendly, but it's essential to be aware of potential allergens, especially in the toppings:

  • Coconut Allergy: The use of coconut milk and shredded coconut is a key feature of this recipe. If you or someone you're serving has a coconut allergy, consider using an alternative milk (such as almond, soy, or oat milk) and skip the shredded coconut.

  • Nut Allergy: Many smoothie bowl recipes incorporate nuts as toppings. If you or someone has a nut allergy, simply omit the nuts or use seeds like sunflower or pumpkin seeds as a substitute.

  • Mango/Pineapple Allergy: Although these fruits are the stars of the recipe, you can customize the fruits to your liking or based on dietary restrictions. Opt for fruits that are safe for all diners.

Wine or Drink Pairing:

Smoothie bowls are typically enjoyed as a nutritious and refreshing breakfast or snack, but if you're in the mood for a beverage alongside it, consider these pairings:

  • Tropical Fruit Smoothie: Keep the tropical theme going by serving your smoothie bowl with a matching tropical fruit smoothie, which can include mango, pineapple, banana, and coconut milk or water.

  • Fresh Fruit Juice: A glass of freshly squeezed orange or passion fruit juice complements the tropical flavors of the smoothie bowl.

  • Iced Tea: For a non-alcoholic option, a fruity iced tea, such as hibiscus or passion fruit tea, can be a refreshing choice.

Storage and Leftovers:

Smoothie bowls are best enjoyed fresh to maintain their texture and flavor. However, if you find yourself with leftovers:

  • Refrigeration: Place any remaining smoothie base in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator. Be aware that it might lose some of its vibrant color over time.

  • Toppings Separation: Store toppings separately in small containers to keep them crisp. Sliced fruits can be placed in an airtight container, while nuts and seeds can be kept in a dry container.

  • Consume Promptly: Smoothie bowls are at their best when consumed soon after preparation. The toppings can get soggy if left on the smoothie base for an extended period.

  • Tropical Parfait: If you're looking for a creative way to repurpose leftovers, turn your smoothie bowl into a parfait by layering the base and toppings with yogurt or granola for added texture.

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