Pineapple Coconut Water

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Indulge in the tropical paradise of flavors with this refreshing Pineapple Coconut Water recipe. The combination of sweet pineapple and hydrating coconut water creates a tantalizing beverage that transports you to a beachside retreat. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hosting a summer gathering, or simply seeking a revitalizing drink, this recipe is a perfect choice. Join us as we delve into the recipe, uncover its health benefits, and share tips to make it even more delightful.

The Pineapple Coconut Water recipe is a delightful and refreshing beverage that combines the tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut. This drink is not only delicious but also a nod to the rich culinary traditions of tropical regions around the world.

Pineapple, native to South America, has a long history of cultivation and consumption dating back centuries. It was even considered a symbol of hospitality in colonial America due to its rarity and exotic appeal. On the other hand, coconut water has been consumed in tropical regions for generations, prized for its natural hydration and mild, sweet taste.

The combination of these two ingredients, pineapple and coconut water, is a marriage of tropical flavors that transports you to a sunny beach even if you’re sipping it in your own backyard. It’s a perfect drink to enjoy on a hot summer day or as a quick and easy tropical escape any time of the year.

Pineapple Coconut Water

Pineapple Coconut Water is a thirst-quenching drink that combines the tropical goodness of pineapples with the hydrating properties of coconut water. It's a revitalizing beverage that captures the essence of a tropical getaway. The natural sweetness of pineapple perfectly complements the subtle nutty undertones of coconut water, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. This recipe is not only delicious but also a healthier alternative to sugary drinks. It's a great way to stay hydrated and enjoy the benefits of tropical fruits.

Tools and Equipment

Prep Time 10 mins Total Time 10 mins Difficulty: Beginner Servings: 4 Calories: 80.49 Best Season: Summer


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Cut the top and bottom of the pineapple using a sharp knife and place it on a cutting board.

  2. Slice off the skin of the pineapple, ensuring to remove all the prickly eyes.

  3. Cut the pineapple into chunks, discarding the tough core.

  4. Place the pineapple chunks in a blender or juicer.

  5. Blend or juice the pineapple until smooth.

  6. Pour the freshly extracted pineapple juice into a pitcher or glass jar.

  7. Add coconut water to the pitcher and stir well to combine.

  8. If desired, add ice cubes to chill the drink.

  9. Garnish the serving glasses with pineapple wedges and mint leaves.

  10. Pour the Pineapple Coconut Water into the glasses and serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4

Amount Per Serving
Calories 80.49kcal
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 0.38g1%
Saturated Fat 0.22g2%
Sodium 127.15mg6%
Potassium 425.77mg13%
Total Carbohydrate 19.59g7%
Dietary Fiber 2.94g12%
Sugars 14.5g
Protein 1.49g3%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Please note that the nutritional values provided are approximate and may vary depending on the specific ingredients and portion sizes used. It's always best to double-check with your specific ingredients and measurements for accurate nutritional information.


Tips and Variations:
  • To enhance the flavor, you can add a squeeze of lime juice to the Pineapple Coconut Water.
  • For a more visually appealing presentation, serve the drink in coconut shells.
  • Adjust the sweetness by adding a small amount of honey or agave syrup if desired.
  • For an extra chill, freeze pineapple chunks and use them as ice cubes in the drink.
Serving Suggestions:
  • Enjoy Pineapple Coconut Water as a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day.
  • Serve it at tropical-themed parties or luau gatherings.
  • Pair it with light salads, grilled seafood, or tropical fruit skewers for a complete meal experience.
Allergen Information:

Consider the following allergen information when preparing Pineapple Coconut Water:

  • Nut Allergy: Ensure that the coconut water you use does not contain any traces of nuts if you have a nut allergy. Some coconut water brands may process their products in facilities that also handle nuts.
Wine or Drink Pairing:

Pineapple Coconut Water is a non-alcoholic beverage designed to refresh and hydrate. However, if you'd like to create an adult version or find a complementary drink, consider the following:

  • Coconut Rum: For an adult twist, add a splash of coconut rum to your Pineapple Coconut Water. The tropical flavors pair wonderfully with the subtle sweetness of the coconut rum.

  • Mocktail Pairing: If you're serving this drink as part of a meal, it goes well with a variety of cuisines, including Thai, Caribbean, or Mexican. You can also pair it with mocktails like virgin piña colada or a tropical fruit punch.

Storage and Leftovers:

Here's how to handle storage and leftovers of Pineapple Coconut Water:

  • Refrigeration: If you have leftover Pineapple Coconut Water, you can refrigerate it for up to 24 hours. Beyond that, the flavors may change and lose their freshness.

  • Shake Before Serving: If the drink has been sitting, give it a good shake or stir before serving to ensure that the pineapple and coconut flavors are evenly distributed.

  • Ice: You can add ice cubes to the Pineapple Coconut Water to keep it cold, but be aware that the melting ice may dilute the flavors over time.

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